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Our Mission Includes

Behavioral Training

If training your dog isn't working, you are likely dealing with a behavior issue. CRCCS provides a variety of programs and services designed to help you and your dog overcome these behaviors and learn a new way of life. Whatever the challenge, we can help!

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Hospice Care

We provide hospice care for shelter dogs nearing end of life with no potential adoption in site. We take them on a few last wish adventures and provide a safe and loving environment to live out the rest of their days. Feeling comfort and love before they say goodbye...it's a beautiful thing.

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Day Camp

We provide low-cost socialization, basic training and/or confidence building for your canine. 100% of funds raised go directly to helping CRCCS dogs in recovery.

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Did you adopt from CRCCS? Or maybe your dog isn't welcome (or isn't comfortable) at daycare or other boarding facilities. Don’t worry, we speak dog! We provide fun overnight (or a few nights) support with our sleep-over program, ensuring your pet has a safe and happy place to stay while you’re away.

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Adoption Services

Adopt from CRCCS and become part of the family. Come meet our amazing dogs, learn their stories and see who might be a great match for the people and pets in your family. It is our passion and privilege to connect people with canines. Schedule an appointment today!

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We have a variety of educational classes for dog trainers, shelters, rescues and the community. With over 22 different topics such as canine communication, recall, anxiety, fear, reactivity, aggression, messaging and more. These classes are educational and for humans only (at times we use CRCCS dog assistants).

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Dogs that suffer long term abuse, are scheduled to be euthanized as they cannot be placed into a home.


Our staff are experts in the field of canine behavior and rehabilitation.


Connecting the canine and human spirit through inspiration and education.


Happily bringing families together with their new canine companion.

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